Desperate Housewives: Plane Crash Death Spoiler

Desperate Housewives: Plane Crash Death Spoiler

bree&orsonNovember is yet again the shocker month of ABC's Desperate Housewives. The  cliffhanger - a plain crash, will bring more deaths amongst the beloved and hated characters of Wisteria Lane.

The big question is WHO? And is this someone whom everyone on the set wants to be dispatched forever?

According to a D.H. insider,

"Marcia is oddly becoming one of the most popular ones to hate. She's cold and chilly."

"Everybody has always had a problem with Teri, so that's nothing new."

But it's not Marcia nor Teri who'll be axed next. The endangered character is Bree's husband, Orson, played by Kyle MacLachlan. Nothing's final yet according to the source so there will still be a whirlwind of surprising events.

Source: SpoilerTV
(PhotoCredit: ABC)