Desperate Housewives Casting Calls: Looking For Airplane Pilot, Nagging Wife, Nurse, and More!

Casting calls for ABC's Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 10:

Jeff Bicks - a small plane pilot in his 50's. He and his wife, Daphne, own a small business - flying aerial banners around Fairview. He's a beaten-down-by-life kind of man and flying is his only escape from a nagging wife. (Guest Star)

Daphne Bicks - wife of Jeff in her 50's. A sarcastic woman who loves to complain and tends to find fault in everything Jeff does. (Guest Star)

Officer #1 & #2 - these are uniformed officers in their late 20's - 30's who will investigate a stabbing incident. (Co-Star)

Nurse - a woman in her mid 20's - 40's who will announce a visitor to a patient. (Co-Star)

Santa Claus - a Santa at a neighborhood Christmas party. (Co-Star)