‘Deception’ — Renewed or Cancelled for Season 2?

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May 11, 2013


UPDATE: NBC has officially cancelled Deception last May 9, 2013. Read article here.

Hi there Deception fan, do you want the peacock network to renew the revenge-y Monday night drama? On this article, we’ve amassed the facts regarding the past and current status of the freshman soap. Is it still on the bubble, will it be cancelled or renewed for season 2? Keep reading to find out!

NBC introduced viewers to Deception this year to fill-in for Revolution’s hiatus period. The show’s premise resembles ABC’s Sunday sudser Revenge where an old friend of a murdered wealthy woman went incognito to investigate the mystery of her death. Based from the review I’ve read about the premiere, it seemed that the show didn’t bear the potential of a television smash. Apparently, the supporting characters were trite and the protagonist (Meagan Good) doesn’t incarnate the edgy, threatening TV series heroine (read: Emily Thorne).

The ratings at the beginning of the season were weak. The premiere drew 5.66 million total viewers, with a 2.0 rating on adults 18-49. Week two slipped 20% down with 4.14 million total of returning viewers. The succeeding weeks were unimpressive and kept falling. However as the season draws nigh to the thirteenth episode finale, it managed to stay steady with a 1.1 rating on the same demo (3.3 mil).

Some say that NBC could have done better with Deception if it was promoted with a greater scale as they did with the musical, Smash. This subject is moot since despite of its weak marketing strategy, the vindictive drama has registered a thriving fanbase. They thought that the series may have started slow but it is definitely worth sticking around for.

The stars, Meagan Good and Laz Alonso recently spoke to ET where they expressed their hopes of a season 2 pick-up. They were both enthusiastic as they discussed the thickening storyline and the upcoming trajectories set for their characters.

In conclusion, Deception has the potential of being the next Revenge/Scandal of NBC. It has delivered steady numbers, a reasonable amount of supporters and a story that may unravel more interesting twist and character dynamics. However, the ratings are simply below par compared to other NBC’s top tier programs.

Thus far, we predict that Deception is ‘certain to be cancelled’ by May of 2013.

Do you want NBC to renew Deception for a season 2?

  • Roxanne YellaBone Lewis

    Yall fucking suck ass for canceling this good series ! So what if the ratings arent super high. There are millions of other people who love this show ! Please make season two ! And continue with this series . A bunch of people will appreciate it . Cuz I was looking forward to another season.

  • Jon r

    Please don’t cancel I love this show

  • Kylah Haskins

    Do not cancel this show!!! It has the potential to be “the show” that everyone talks about,the show that puts NBC back on top.

  • #TeamDeception

    HELL YES! RENEW DECEPTION FOR SEASON 2 P.L.E.A.S.E! It’s seriously one of the best shows i have seen in a while! seriously felt like crying my eyes out when i heard there wasn’t gonna be a second season. I live in England so some of us can’t watch directly from the TV channel but we still watch & enjoy it!!

    if you won’t renew the show then at least make a similar one with Meagan Good starring in it & all of the actors from deception.

  • Velvet

    I love deception been really looking forward to seeing season 2. I have never been a big meghan good fan but after seeing this show i love her. I believe with better marketing and another chance NBC wouldn’t be disappointed.

  • red

    Loved loved loved this show! Im a fan of Revenge as well, but to be honest, Deception is by far a beter show! Please please NBC rethink your decision. Bring back Deception!

  • Henry Cooper

    Damn shame why NBC axed this show….hopefully another network will take over for season 2..who knows…was dying to see what’s happens next.

  • Erin

    Deception season 2 you left it ready for season 2 so make it :)

  • Elizabeth

    DO NOT CANCEL the show I love it its the only show I actually watch.

  • megan

    bring the show back on it was awwwwsome!!!!!!!

  • nakeisha bey-forward

    Was really forward to new season…definitely don’t cancel!!!!!!

  • Mrs. Mekhi

    please renew, I loved the show

  • Christina

    Yes. I found it late but loved it

  • lol


  • kire05

    please renew!!!!!!!!!

  • Marquetta Tate-Brown

    No, don’t cancel!!! Loved the show and the hangers!!!

  • Aleah

    Deception shouldnt be cancelled..

  • Danielle

    This is crazy, I just found it deception had been canceled. I was really looking forward to watching season 2

  • Ashantii

    You can’t cancel Deception and I agree it could be the next Scandal. The British viewers will love this show!!!! Start filming season 2 Pleeaasssse :-(

  • toneisha burch

    Please don’t cancel this show

  • Caroline

    Please do not cancel! One of my favorite shows and I have been waiting for season two!

  • Claire

    Please, please do not cancel!!!!!

  • jan

    do not cancel deception please

  • moonchild

    Pls renew….do not cancel

  • meltom

    I love deception and I want it back NOW…

  • Carmen Morales


  • yanna

    please renew deception. it’s one of my favorite shows

  • CJ

    Whoever wrote this article should get their networks correct. Scandal and Revenge are not NBC shows, they are ABC shows. Sorry about Deception though.

  • valencia

    I need deception back! betrayal n revenge are not doing it for me at all. I miss Jolian amongst other things.

  • Red

    Yes, Please, Please, Please renew Deception!

  • Shelleybomb

    Yes, deception was my other “scandal.” Not at all interested in Revenge… I don’t even watch much TV…though I was loyal to these two shows….please bring it back…I loved the cast, chem. is awesome!

  • Me

    It was a good show. The first season was a good start. Good plot could use a little more “scandalous” story points. Which we all believed would come in season 2. I think cancellation of the show is a bad idea. This show has great potential. But the focus is on one murder and that will only go so far maybe it could be dragged out for maybe 3 seasons. Then where to go from there? I’m sure a writer or two can easily figure it out.

  • D

    I caught this show on hulu, not knowing there is no Season 2! Come on NBC…I am not even a big TV person… I watch very little and love this show!!! I’m SO disappointed in NBC for cancelling this show! LOVED IT! BRING IT BACK!!!

  • zoey

    we want deception back

  • ANNA

    ATTN: NBC, UN-CANCEL “Deception” PLEASE!!!!!!

  • kefline paul

    don’t cancel
    we are watching you

  • Janae

    NBC…you suck for canceling deception…don’t you know you can’t just add the viewers of cable…..SO many people don’t even have cable they use the internet…Hulu.and other ways to watch the show…you seriously let down some major fans……it’s just not fair to leave us all hanging….you have deceived us all!!!!

  • Janae

    I actually was a major couch potato for this show…..I watched all episodes in one day…then to find out it’s canceled wow!!!! So mad here!!! This has happened before…..what is up with you guys!! UGH!!!!

  • Janae

    You BETTER leave revenge alone….and not be canceling that!’!”

  • Janae

    Seriously getting tired of watching shows and them keep getting canceled…ugh I’m done!

  • Clemfam

    PLEASE do not cancel the show…love it!!! We missed it on prime time TV and caught up with it on Hulu. My entire family is so disappointed to hear it won’t continue. The writing is amazing, none of us could guess what might happen next. Much better than Revenge!!!

  • kpatti

    Please renew Deception!

  • Tamia Malray

    do not cancel…….

  • AleBoo

    Dont cancel the show! You still have many people wanting to see the ending! Think of them!

  • Annie van Leur

    PLEASE DON’T CANCEL!! it’s so much FUN to watch !!! It’s so much better than all the tripe on other networks—please don’t cancel!!!!!!

  • Denise

    I have been waiting and waiting for the new season! You can’t cancel it! OMG I am devastated! :)

  • Betrayal Fan

    Love Betrayal and don’t want to see it off the air. Great cast, lots of chemistry between Jack and Sara. Loved Thatcher Karsten in his role–he played it so well. Fun story lines but especially love Stuart Townsend==he plays such a decent guy and I cannot fault him for having that affair. Can understand the dilemmas he faces and why he and Sara belong together. They deserve a second chance and a second season but hard to imagine plot line now that Thatcher is dead. Please don’t take this off ABC–have not enjoyed Sunday night TV as much as this in ages. Really look forward to this show and have watched all the episodes at least twice. A great escape. The only other show I have enjoyed as much is The Americans on FX. But this is pure fantasy romance and Jack and Sara are the perfect romantic duo. Need better writing for the journalist though. Geeky part and adds little to the show with his dialogue. I happened to like the filiming and the way they flash back and forth among characters and their story lines. Some of the writing is a bit weak but I liked the Chicago setting, the overall plot and the photography.

  • barbieMicaela

    Please bring the show back. Give me something good to look foward to watching

  • Mades

    Do not cancel that show pls

  • shakera

    Pleeeeeease don’t cancle it…

  • kari

    Don’t cancel deception