Top 10 Kissing Moments You Can Only Experience on TV

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February 15, 2014

Because it’s Valentine’s Day.. :)

1. The “LOL. that’s really funny, babe” kiss. (Slexie, Grey’s Anatomy)


2. The “passionate, I’m so terribly in love with you”, kiss. (Calzona, Grey’s Anatomy)


3. The “slow dance” kiss. (Aiden and Emily, Revenge)


4. The “circular motion” kiss. (Zade, Hart of Dixie)


5. The “under the sheets” kiss. (Will and Alicia, The Good Wife)


6. The “table-on-top” kiss. (Amber and Ryan, Parenthood)


7. The kiss while doing surgery. (Merder, Grey’s Anatomy)


8. The forbidden “WTH I’m going to kiss you now”. (Olitz, Scandal)

9. The “gasping for air kiss inside the file storage room”. (Mike and Rachel, Suits)


10. The “rubbing on your cheek, while slowly-staring at you” kiss. (Danny and Mindy, The Mindy Project)


Did we miss anything? What’s your favorite on the list?

  • Johanna

    Last season on Beauty and the Beast, Vincent & Catherine’s first kiss, still the best tv kiss I have ever seen

  • It’s Me

    Honestly, this is a terrible list. What’s with all the Grey’s Anatomy? Almost half of these kisses are from Shonda Rhimes shows! What about Jim & Pam from The Office? Or more recently, the big Nick & Jess kiss from the Cooler episode of New Girl???

  • Nino Qavtaradze

    hook and emma !!!