CW President Talks Beauty and the Beast’s Renewal Odds

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January 17, 2013

When the CW’s network president Mark Pedowitz was asked about the renewal odds of Beauty and the Beast. Here’s what he had to say:

“We’re very pleased in terms of where it’s going creatively,” he said. “It’s basically on par with Secret Circle in the fourth quarter with total viewers. We believe the show has a very long run in front of it. We’ve made no announcements about a second season. But based on the passion of the fans both on the E! Online and the People’s Choice Awards, we think we have something in this epic love story between Cat and Vincent.” But wait, a critic pointed out: The CW cancelled Secret Circle! “I believe the show has more growth potential [than Secret Circle] in terms of its creativity and because we’re centered around that love story”.


Source: CW

  • seeper

    Congrats to BATB.
    I just think they need more storyline besides just the love story.
    I do love the romance though and I was very surprised they won that People’s Choice Awards.
    Kristin Kreuk is very popular.

  • meissie_k

    they are killing the whole love-story by destroying all the romance there was between kath and vincent..
    If they continue keeping that couple apart they will lose viewers very fast.. I loved the show from day 1 and I don’t even wanna watch it anymore.. they should take notes from heart of dixie.. Don’t endlessly tease people or they will get bored..