‘Cult’ Spoilers: Matt Davis Previews New Series

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May 18, 2012

Wetpaint caught up to Matt Davis and his new co-star Jessica Lucas at the CW Upfronts. The pair were happy to preview their new new series, Cult, which is set to air mid~season. Davis will be playing blogging, serial killer sleuther, Jeff Sefton.

“It’s not supernatural, which is great. It’s purely psychological,” Davis tells Wetpaint Entertainment. As investigative journalist Jeff Sefton, Davis will head to the set of a hit show called Cult in an attempt to find his missing brother, Nate. Jeff isn’t all that similar to Alaric, Davis tells us.“He’s a journalist; he’s tonally very different than Alaric. The burden is very different. The purpose is very different, so it will be fun to facilitate a different role than Alaric,” he says.

In the show-within-the-show, viewers have become obsessed with Cult’s premise: a cult leader named Billy Grimm tries to elude LAPD detective Kelly Collins. The most rabid fans bring the gruesome crimes that play out on screen to life. “I play a PA on the television show who starts to notice the strange things that are going on. And when his brother disappears, he comes to the set to find things out, and we meet and he confirms my suspicions, and we investigate it together,” Lucas explains.

“And then we make love,” Davis jokes. “Maybe one day,” Lucas teases back. In actuality, if there is a spark between Jeff and Skye, it will take awhile to ignite. “We’re gonna sort of play the tension and the chemistry as much as possible,” says Davis. “I think Cult will be one of the coolest shows on the network, for sure. It’s one of the smartest. It’s dark. It’s compelling… I think it works on a lot of dimensions, a lot of levels that I think will really draw the audience in.”