Cult Episode 8 “The Devil You Know” Guide And Photos

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March 21, 2013

Off to See the Wizard
The CW has released the official synopsis and a set of promotional photos for the April 12th episode of Cult, “The Devil You Know”. Erica Gimpel is set to guest star.

  • Jeff (Matt Davis) and Skye (Jessica Lucas) struggle to find evidence against Sakelik (guest star Aisha Hinds, “Weeds”) to use as leverage to gain information on Nate.
  • Stuart invites Roger (Robert Knepper) to a weekend getaway at his Santa Barbara estate.
  • Skye has lunch with her mother (guest star Erica Gimpel) and the two discuss the past.
  • Meanwhile, on the television show, Kelly (Alona Tal) strikes a deal with Billy (Robert Knepper) to get her sister Meadow back.