CSI Finale Spoilers: Showrunner Teases Family Drama, Performance of Black Sabbath & Danger!

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May 3, 2013

tn-500_103230_d1097bExclusively from EW.com, check out these spoilers coming up on the May 15th finale episode of CSI titled “Skin in the Game”.

Meet Mrs. Brass: “I think we will definitely learn something about detective Brass because this is the episode where we finally meet Brass’s ex-wife Nancy,” teases McGill of the role played by Annabella Sciorra. “She comes to Las Vegas because she is summoned by Brass when it turns out one of the missing girls who is in danger is their daughter Ellie. So we will meet Mrs. Brass and really have a whole new look at Det. Brass, one that I think we haven’t really had a chance to see in such depth since ‘Hollywood Brass,’ several seasons ago.”

D.B’s struggle The finale will see one of the CSI in grave danger and the scenario will put great strain on the gang’s leader, D.B. Russell. “This one may not be as DB centric on a personal level but on a professional level,” McGill says. “We will see at least one member of the team fall into jeopardy through an undercover operation and it’s something Russell will realize only too late. It’s something he’ll then carry with him into the [season 14] premiere as he and the team struggle against all odds to get that team member back and also rescue another member of the CSI family.”

Black Sabbath? The iconic rock group will indeed premiere a new song during the show’s 13th season finale, but while fans of the band will certainly be excited, will any of the CSI gang be outed as fans? “I think we might discover that Conrad Ecklie (Marc Vann) is a huge Black Sabbath fan and D.B. Russell expresses, perhaps, slightly deeper passion for the Grateful Dead,” McGill says with a laugh.