CSI and CSI: NY Spoilers: Details on the Crossover Episode!

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November 29, 2012

CBS announced that two of their veteran procedural shows, CSI and CSI:NY are joining forces in a double-episode crossover this season. If you haven’t seen the official guide of the said episodes, read them here.

Moreover, if those official press releases are just not enough to ease your CSI addiction, then lucky you ’cause we have more juices to spill! Courtesy of E! Online, I hope that the spoilers we nabbed for you guys below will be just enough to satisfy your CSI appetite. So without further adieu, spoil yourselves away!

The forensic peeps will have their hands full —

  • When Mac shows up for a romantic weekend with his girlfriend Christine, only to find her missing from the hotel room, both the CSI: New York and original CSI teams will join forces to find her.

More crimes on the crossover —

  • The CSI gang will also have to investigate the murder of a con man who has been selling fake bottles of rare wine to unsuspecting customers.

The two-part crossover airs on February 8 and 6 on CBS.