CSI Season 14 First Look on Mystery Funeral Scene

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September 10, 2013

Here’s a first look image of CSI season 14 (which premieres Sept. 25) featuring a funeral service for a character whose identity is yet-to-be-known. As learned earlier from exec producer Don Mcgill, the corpse in the casket belongs to “a person close to the CSI family”.


In addition, TV Guide has shared that the funeral takes place three days after the events of May’s cliffhanger, when the lives of Morgan Brody (Elisabeth Harnois) and Jim Brass’s prostitute stepdaughter, Ellie (Teal Redmann), were in jeopardy.

“It will be clear whose memorial service it is at the very end of the show, and I think it will very much be a surprise and a shock to the audience,” the showrunner added.

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