Pre-Finale & Finale Blowout Spoilers on CBS' CSI: Las Vegas!

Pre-Finale & Finale Blowout Spoilers on CBS' CSI: Las Vegas!


With deepest thanks to Michael Ausiello from TV Line, we'd like to spread these loads and buckets of pre-finale and finale spoilers coming up on your most-wanted TV shows ! ! !

Without further adieu, here are the happenings you shouldn't miss on ---

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When Season 13 enters its final throes starting May 1, expect “intrigue” to enter Hodges' unlikely romance “when a surprise visitor from Italy and a surprising revelation about Elisabetta's past surface,” showrunner Don McGill shares. Then, the season's penultimate hour, “Ghosts of the Past,” is described by McGill as “a pretty fun episode” in which “a killer has possibly come back from the grave,” in turn digging up Greg's psychic family past. “We learn a bit more about Greg and this part of his life he has long grappled with, being a man of science,” says the EP.

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"Skin in the Game” pits the team against “a pretty wily serial killer who is targeting Vegas prostitutes and sex industry workers,” leading one of the CSIs — McGill won't say who — to go undercover as a pro. All the while, a nosy journalist (played by Battlestar Galactica's James Callis) tags along on the investigation hoping to dig up dirt on D.B. & Co. Elsewhere in the busy finale, Tim Matheson (Hart of Dixie) kicks off a two-episode arc as a collector of art/”wolf in very thin sheep's clothing,” while Annabella Sciorra (Law & Order: CI) turns up as as Brass' never-before-seen ex-wife. Ruh-roh. Explains McGill, “We thought it would be interesting to do a sort of parallel storyline with a family member of one of our team and someone within the team simultaneously left in jeopardy. It seemed like the right way to end a season, exploring all the tension within the CSI family.”

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