Criminal Minds Spoilers: Will Morgan and Garcia Be a Couple?

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April 3, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDSCalling out Morgan-Garcia shippers on Criminal Minds! We have scoop about the sexy BAU duo and their long term relationship on the CBS drama.

If you’re one of the kids who aren’t really digging Garcia’s new beau, relax! That’s totally an acceptable feeling! We’re just all dying to see her with Morgan anyway. So will they or will they not? Here’s the latest spoiler scoop:

Shemar Moore promises us that will never happen. But if it makes you feel better, there are “absolutely no plans” for Morgan to get lucky in the love department. “Everyone’s pairing off or has dated someone longer than one episode — even [Reid] got a girlfriend — but I understand that Morgan won’t get a long-term girlfriend,” he says. “People feel like he’s cheating on Garcia when he goes on a date! So he’s going to remain the single guy.”

Source: TV Guide

Do you want Morgan and Garcia to end up together one day?

  • canadachick

    Yes I think they should. Would love to see them together!

  • teeree73

    yes I would love to see them together they are just so right for each other. It sure would make the show a lot more interesting because I love when they show each other they care.

  • Tendertoni

    Yes most def! They are clearly in love. At least let them make out once and it ll ease their tension. They will decide to remain friends instead, and not jeopardize what they have.

  • Alicia

    For once can a big girl get the hot guy? Networks have over played the fat guy the ugly guy the old guy gets a chick that wouldn’t give them the time of day in real life. What is wrong with a big girl gettin the hot guy it happens in real life; so what’s the deal CBS? Try something new be innovative for a change, are you afraid or what? Get over yourselves morgan and Garcia have on-screen chemistry that shouldn’t be ignored. Give the fans what they want because trust and believe half the fans are watching for that purpose you do the math. You want ratings get old and new fans to ditch modern family, try this. Yes it’s the #1 drama but it will never grow to its full potential if you don’t do this. Your fans kno it, do you?

  • 4vrnlvwthMrgnNGrc.

    YES!! Even if he stays out in the field and she stays in the background like now,they should be at least a long distance couple. DEFINITELY!!!!