Criminal Minds Spoilers: What’s Next For Reid?

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January 18, 2013

TV Line shared their brief convo with Criminal Minds’ showrunner, Erica Messer where she previewed an upcoming storyline for Reid this season 8. Grab the spoilers below!

“We pitched a story where we’d introduce a unique love interest for Dr. Reid and it would end in tragedy. Matthew agreed the only way to tell this story was if she died in the saddest way possible. Reid’s reaction/mourning will be the emotional anchor of episode 813 and it’s the arc for Reid’s character for the rest of the season.”

Can Reid cope amidst this unfortunate tragedy? Share your thoughts below.

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    Lost a lot of respect from me after they killed off maeve. Reid has gone through so much through the years and it is hard for us viewers to watch this. It drains us emotionally. Yes it’s just a tv show but viewers get emotionally involved with the characters and watching Reid go through all of this is painful. Yes it was a beautiful tragic piece of writing but that’s not what we want to see. Reid needs something good to happen now. I think they should try to bring back one of Reids love interests from the past to help him trough this. Either the bar tender or the actress. It would be refreshing to see.