Criminal Minds Spoilers: Showrunner Teases Rossi’s Emotional Episode; Plus, The Replicator Returns on…

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November 8, 2012

EW talked to Criminal Minds boss, Erica Messer where she previewed the Rossi-centric episode dedicated to homeless veterans. The EP also confirmed that the Replicator will re-appear on the FBI procedural drama later this season.

Here are a few statements from the report, watch out for the minor spoilers!

Rossi gets a chance to reconnect with someone from his military past and will flash back his days in Vietnam –

“[We tell] the origin story of Rossi — not as an FBI profiler — but as the man we know today. It’s a special episode for Joe. He’s been asking us to do a story on homeless veterans, and we’ve never had the real estate to do it [until now].”

With regards to the burning question fans have been dying to know, is the Replicator making another appearance? Here’s what Messer told the publication: 

“You’ll see him sprinkled until episode 16, but when that one rolls around, it’s game on.”

‘Criminal Minds’ airs every Wednesday nights on CBS.