Criminal Minds Spoilers: Showrunner on Reid’s Dangerous Girlfriend and Sequel of Morgan-Centric Episode

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November 21, 2012

More and more juicy scoops are leaked about the on-going storylines of Criminal Minds this season. Last time, I reported details about the long-season unsub called the “Replicator”. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here.

Now for the new updates, more developments about Reid’s girlfriend was revealed by Criminal Minds’ boss, Erica Messer. The report told us that in episode 10, the show will finally unveil Reid’s geneticist-turned-consultant-turned-gal pal. Coincidentally, actor Mathhew Gray Gubler also directs the episode.

However, in episode 12, the BAU will then learn about Reid’s girlfriend’s set of personal baggage. Fans should be warned that this woman is hiding and/or running away from someone. Oh-em! Should we be worried for Dr. Reid?

Additionally, the season 8 installment will also feature a Morgan-centric episode part 2. In retrospect, Morgan’s issue about being sexually abused by his mentor was dealt by the series way back in season 2. The sequel will be slated to emerge on episode 19. For more details here’s a preview from the EP:

“He goes back to Chicago and the center and it’s going to be about him battling his demons. It brings back memories and the case is somewhat related.”

Are you excited for this new developments on Reid and Morgan?

Source: TV Guide

  • angie

    ohmygoodness, more Morgan and Reid. Love them!