Criminal Minds Spoilers: Season 8 Morgan-Centric Episode Scoop!

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February 6, 2013

Showrunner Erica Messer talks to about an upcoming episode of Criminal Minds where a blast from the past storyline awaits Agent Derek Morgan.

Here are the spoilers:

In season 8 episode 18, called “Restoration,” Morgan finds himself back in Chicago dealing with a case that forces him to face Carl Buford, the man we know abused him as a child.

“It’s just a really nice strong story again for Morgan — similar to his one last year where he had to help find his cousin. It’s also a nice call-back to season 2’s ‘Profiler Profiled’ [which introduced] a lot of characters that laid the backstory for Morgan. And a lot of those actors have returned to be in this episode. So it’ll be nice for you all to see.”

‘Criminal Minds’ airs Wednesdays on CBS.