Criminal Minds Will Continue To Cease 'Unsubs' in Season 8!

Criminal Minds Will Continue To Cease 'Unsubs' in Season 8!

Yes, fellow Criminal Minds fanatics! -- the show will not leave us hanging for another dark and thrilling unsub-chasing. Criminal Minds season 8 is officially a 'go' according to CBS declaring the announcement last March 14, 2012.

The dark-natured FBI drama premiered on CBS last 2005, pleasing the network with a series of credible numbers in ratings. Up until its current seventh season, the show is still being watched by more and more viewers starting off with the pilot episode -- with a total of 14.14 million viewers, ranking as 2nd in the timeslot. Down the road until the 22nd episode, it was able to catch-up with its opposing show, ABC's comedy series Modern Family. (source: TV Series Finale/Nielsen)

Even though the show has been an unstoppable asset for CBS, the cast of Criminal Minds did not exactly sailed smoothly as the show progresses. The on and off appearance of the female actors, A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster,brought a series of confusion and disappointment to fans. But the road for one SSA on the team is now officially curtailed. The on-screen Emily Prentiss, Paget Brewster gracefully faces this brave move in her career. She tells Deadline that “After six wonderful years playing Emily Prentiss, I have decided it’s time for me to move on,”. A.J. Cook, on the other hand, will be playing more of J.J. in season 8. In retrospect, the actress temporarily let go of her character at the beginning of season 6.

Furthermore, the male characters were officially renewed as well for another season. Reportedly, Moore and Gibson's salaries were raised in accordance with the renewal. In Gubler's case, however, Deadline reported on its February 12th article that the young actor is still on the process of re-negotiating his with the network.

Paget is officially leaving the team! What now? Do you support her decision? By the way guys, Congratulations to all Criminal Minds supporters for another triumphant season 7. Let's pray for Gubler to sign-up for what, 10 more years, perhaps?

Catch the season 7 finale of Criminal Minds on May 23, Wednesday on CBS.