Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode 15 “Broken” Promo

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February 15, 2013

Get a look at the promo for Criminal Minds, season 8 episode 15 “Broken”.

  • cloga

    Literally the worst episode of Criminal Minds I’ve ever seen. Are we supposed to feel empathetic towards the murderer??? He killed two women and a man. He’s a serial murderer. There’s soooooo much support for gays nowadays. Are they trying to tell us that in AMERICA, the GAYEST place on Earth, he couldn’t find that type of support? Even after the camp…. which we don’t know anything about?! It might have been fine for all we know! This episode was bullshit – such an EASY and lazy direct. Can’t wait for the next episode so we can see some actual Criminal Minds…. Some gay guy getting mad at his Dad “fixing him” and then attempting to actually RAPE his own father isn’t very Criminal Mindsy…. Just sad and desperate. Get back to intelligent plots please!!