Covert Affairs Spoilers: Is Eyal Returning in Season 4?

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July 24, 2013


Will actor Oded Fehr reprise his role as Mossad agent Eyal Lavin on the current season of Covert Affairs?

We learned that there’s a “rock-solid chance”.

Showrunner Matt Corman recently told TV Line that “It’s safe to say [Oded Fehr's spy] will return, it’s just a question as to when. And we want that to kind of be a secret.”

Do you want Eyal to return? Weigh-in below!

  • Southern Babe

    Yes Eyal is fantastic. Brings a whole new energy for the series. I hope Annie ends up with Eyal.

  • Ellie Tea

    Absolutely, Eyal should come back! He should be a regular! I agree with Southern Babe- I hope Annie ends up with him.

  • Ashley

    Heck yes I want him to return! Eyal is amazing and he adds so much to the show. Eyal and Annie, end game. Hoping.

  • Juni

    Yes! Bring him back been I’m huge fan of Oded Fehr’s work since day 1 he brings so much energy and skills to Covert Affairs just by his appearance and the way he acts makes the show so much better. Eyal And Annie have very good chemistry together please Covert Affairs bring him back!!

  • Kism

    Absolutely, the chemistry between these two characters is phenomenal and he is a fantastic actor. I would love to see a romantic relationship – maybe in season 5 – develop between them. There is so much there. Both characters already have deep feelings there – you can feel the tension. It’s wonderful. Each episode he starred in so far – have been the best!!!!

  • Jules

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!

  • bondstar

    it s episode 5already and no sign of eyal ;(((

  • Ellie

    Annie and Eyal have powerful onscreen chemistry. Auggie is a great guy but Annie’s adventures with Eyal make the show work. If Auggie reunites with the wife he thought was dead, and perhaps had his child, that would leave Annie free for more Eyal adventures. Bring it!

  • Elise

    Annie and Eyal had their own special chemistry together and the episodes he has been in have really made the show better! I think this season is not as good as the last one. Annie and Auggie don’t seem like an authentic romantic couple. And now, the show seems so predictable with Annie always not following the rules and really seeming less experienced as a spy. So, YES, Eyal absolutely needs to return to bring life back into the show and bring back some true spy craft skills!!

  • Andy

    Yes, Eyal back please!!!!! There’no more “Covert affairs” after him , the character is so believable, warm and impressive, the actor is so gifted and charismatic. He lights a fire and brings life in every episode, and this is a rare thing in the Tv series -and also in movies- nowadays. There are too many good regulars but rather anonymous. Oded Fehr’s Eyal Lavin is unforgettable and so distinguished. I hope many of us want him back soon!!!!

  • sue

    Eyal has to come back!!!! He is so beyond sexy and way more perfect for annie than auggie will ever be! eyal and annie share this amazing chemistry. it’s like literally sparks flying off the screen when they’re together. Oded Fehr is just so totally worth swooning over. Please come back soon Eyal!!!

  • Liesl

    Omg, yes!!!! I miss him so much with Annie, that I’m re-watching my dvds with his episodes!!!! I love them together, although I know Auggie and Annie are end game. It’s so fun to watch them flirt and interact on screen!!!

  • Becky

    Eyal HAS to come back!! The show isn’t the same without him. As much as I love all the actors on the show, now that I have seen what could be when Oded is on, it is truly the only reason I watch anymore. BRING EYAL BACK!!!! Him and Annie together are pure magic!!

  • Cara

    Yay! Eyal is a great character and the episodes with him are my favorites of the series. His chemistry with Annie is sexy and they also convey an authentic respect and care for each other. His reveal busting Annie out of the Russian prison last year was pretty epic and awesome when he pulled his mask off showing who came to save her. I wonder how they’ll have him pop up this time!?

  • Mommints

    Sometimes seeing what is in front of us is hard to do. As I’ve stated before, I don’t hate Auggie, and have nothing bad to say about that character, but as others know and have expressed their opinons as well, my opinion is that the relationship between A&A seems force. Yes, I am an Oded Fehr fan, and heck yes, I would love to see Eyal back…

  • Gomez

    YES YES YES !!! I want him to return! Eyal is amazing and the episodes with him are my favorites of the series. I hope Annie and Eyal are the end game.

  • Krissy

    Eyal is an amazing character! I miss him with Annie. They are amazing together. You can feel the chemistry between them. I hope to see much more of him. AND they need to rekindle their romance! I could not imagine the show without him.

  • BlueArrow

    Let season 5 end with Annie and Eyal on the beach together!!!! That would be epic!!! Love those characters !!! <3