What's Coming Up For Our Cul de Sac Crew

Grab some wine, Ellie drama, and baby Stan for our Cul de Sac Crew, and they're good to go. Check out these more recent spoilers for upcoming episodes of Cougar Town. Oh, but before you do...did you hear that Cougar Town got renewed for a third season?

  • More wine on Cougar Town? Who could have ever guessed. Seems Grayson will be getting some competition from a wine bar opening up right across the street from his pub (with show director, Michael McDonald recurring as the "pretentious owner"). But of course Jules and company won't be going over there. Never.
  • Oh, Stan. First you get drug around the floor by your own parents, fought for Godfatherdom by Bobby, and now you get to be babysat by Jules and Grayson? This poor kid. No really, Jules and Grayson are going to be babysitting Andy and Ellie's little Stan. Which means this aught to be good.
  • Bobby's getting worried that Grayson might be replacing him as a father figure to Travis. Now, where would he get an idea like that? Oh, yeah. Ellie.
  • Coming upon the hiatus we're going to get a small cliff-hanger with Travis' relationship with his new girlfriend, Kirsten. "It's a situation that closely resembles maybe what Jules' past was — although it doesn't mirror it," says co-creator Kevin Biegel."Young love is a big part of it. Jules dealing with that kind of takes us through the end of the year."
  • Bobby's going to market..."Penny Can!...". You knew it was coming sooner or later.

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