Interview: Josh Hopkins Tells All About Grayson


It's true that we couldn't picture Cougar Town without well-meaning, funny newly dad Andy Torres (Ian Gomez) and friendly, GAC -throwing ex-husband Bobby Cobb (Brian Van Holt) - but somebody's got to balance things out. That's why we have Grayson. He not only provides a little balance to these hug-friendly weirdos but to Jules' craziness as well. I know I couldn't picture Cougar Town without him either...and I'm not just saying that because he's my favorite character (Guilty As Charged).

Josh Hopkins is on the same page. In his interview with, he lets us in on what's so great about playing Grayson, his growing relationships to Bobby and Jules, and if he really does play that guitar he's always bringing around:

"I have a little guitar similar to that one that he carries on the show, and I'd just be strumming outside of my trailer. Bill [Lawrence] literally pulled up on his little golf cart and stopped and went, 'You know that'll be on the next episode,' then sped away. And there it was. And people liked it, so it's definitely coming back—it's part of the character now. It comes back every so often."

You can find out more spoilers about his character, Grayson from Josh Hopkins in the full article interview here.