"Cougar Town" Title Back on the Map - and Aniston's Not Coming Yet

Lately there's been some speculation going down concerning Courtney Cox's bud and former Friends co-star, Jennifer Aniston guest-starring on Cougar Town, but showrunner Bill Lawrence assures us, via E! Online, that there's nothing really to talk about as of right now:

"Nothing's happened yet," Bill says. "I'd kill to get Jennifer on the show, and if I had any inclination it was happening, I would be telling everybody 'cause I don't really give a sh-t. I would love it to happen and the second it did I would tell everybody in the world, but nothing's happened."

But I wouldn't say never just yet. What I would say never to is the proposed title change for Cougar Town, as it's been confirmed by Entertainment Weekly that the series will be keeping its original title (hallelujah!). Barb's not going anywhere, mwahaha:

“I’m not changing the title,” Lawrence tells me. “We never thought of a good new one, which kind of sucks. And when you look at the modern landscape of television, changing the title means changing your DVR and all this other stuff.”

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