Tattooed Tyrese Coming to Cougar Town?

Or something like that. Read up on what's coming for our Cul-de-Sac Crew on Cougar Town below, especially with Busy Philipps' Laurie:

  • Some "tattooed dude" named Tyrese will be the new guy bonding with Laurie when she realizes she might be just a bit too old to keep going clubbing (and to college, and...).
  • And unfortunately, even though a lot of the new characters introduced on Cougar Town lately have been big hits (like, you know, Tom), there are currently no plans to keep rolling with it. Just sticking with the same-o characters we love for now. But that doesn't stop Ian Gomez's (Andy) real-life wife, Nia Vardalos from trying to get on the show! "I've just been super booked. [But] I hang around the writer's room sometime saying 'I could play his sister'--I overhint." Ian Gomez himself is all for it too (as am I - always up for more of the Torres family!), but nothing is really in-the-works yet (guest star anyone?).

Source: E! Online