Taking "Cougar Town" Title off the Map?

Taking "Cougar Town" Title off the Map?

It's been rumored lately that ABC is considering a title change for their Courtney Cox-driven comedy series, Cougar Town, and The Ausiello Files recently confirmed:

Question: Is it true that ABC is considering a title change for Cougar Town? —Josh
It’s true. Got any suggestions? Here’s mine: Family Jules. Get it?

Speaking as a fan who started watching the show because of the title and premise in the first place, I'm not sure how I feel about making a change like that. While I do understand where ABC is coming from, and even partially agree (I love the new ensemble feeling the show has grown into), I'm wondering if changing the title might hurt more than help the series. I mean, can you seriously imagine telling your fellow TV-watching buds that you're sitting down Wednesday nights to watch, Family Jules? Just doesn't have that same ring to it.

I think a better solution would be to integrate the ensemble cast more into, rather than around, the original premise of the show. Because you still have Jules trying to be young, you still have Grayson dating younger women...and the whole heart of the show revolves around the family struggles surrounding those choices. Plus, there's still Barb. Let's take advantage of her character (well, that was poor word choice). Have more cougars pop out or something. We don't even have to still have Jules as the cougar of the show.

I don't think changing the title is the answer. What do my fellow Cougar Ville fans think? Are you for or against a title change? (Hit the comments!)

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