Spoilers on Bobby and Laurie Marketing...Penny Can!

You'll be singing it too, once you find out what's floating about on the Cougar Town front. We've heard about Bobby and Laurie's upcoming venture to market the Cul-de-Sac crew's infamous game (whether that will prove successful or not is anybody's guess), but the writers and showrunners have a little marketing of their own in the works.

Check the latest from Busy Philipps (Laurie), via Entertainment Weekly:

As you may know, when the show returns, Laurie and Bobby will embark on a penny can-selling venture that (surprise!) takes off “despite them,” Busy Philipps told me at PaleyFest’s Freaks & Geeks reunion. But there is an additional twist to the story: You will be able to buy the penny cans using a number that will be said on the show, AND you might recognize the people who answer the phone.

“There’s going to be a real tie-in where our fans are going to be able to buy penny cans, and [creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel] — even though I’m not supposed to say this — are going to give 300 away. There’s going to be a contest. And also, just so your fans know, the number that I say to call to order the penny can is going to be a real working phone number. And someone from the cast will have it at all times and answer it,” she said…blowing my mind. “Yes,it’s going to be f—ing awesome. Bill asked me if I would be okay with having it for an hour, and I was like, ‘An hour?! I’m going to have it all week!’ I cannot wait.”

A chance to own a real-life penny can...? You just know I'll be one the first ones calling in.