Some Season 3 Storylines for Busy Philipps: Laurie Opens a Bakery!

Busy Philipps Shows Off Her Baking Skills and... by 5minPeople

True to Busy Philipps real-life skill for cake-decorating I'm sure, her Cougar Town persona, Laurie will be putting some buns in the oven this coming season - literally:

"Laurie is branching out this season by opening up a bakery! (But let's be real, when's the last time she showed a house for Jules' real estate company anyway?) She'll also see a spike in her personal life when she begins dating a soldier stationed in Iraq — and by dating we mean Skyping."

Of course with Cougar Town, mayhem always follows. Think Laurie's bakery will be here to stay, or fizzle out as a whim? And what about her solider-bf in Iraq she's Skype-dating, think that'll be more than a whim?

Source: TV Guide