Cougar Town Season 5 Spoiler: Matthew Perry Takes Jules Out on a…Date?

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January 9, 2014

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After Chandler Bing’s proposal to Monica Geller on Friends way back when, Matthew Perry may have another TV chance to propose to Courteney Cox.

In TVLine’s Ask Ausiello, Michael Ausiello shares the details on just what kind of guy Matthew Perry will be playing for his guest stint on Cougar Town this season.

[Matthew Perry's] playing an eccentric rich dude named Sam who takes Courteney Cox’s functioning alcoholic Jules out on a date, thinking she’s single. And there may or may not be a marriage proposal involved.

Uh-oh. What do you think Grayson’s going to say about this? (And Friends fans, are you looking forward to seeing Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry reunited during his special guest episode??)