Cougar Town Season 5 Spoiler: Bobby's a Grandfather??

cougartown - pilot

Hold up Trav-and-Laurie shippers. Bobby may be becoming a "grandfather" during season 5 of Cougar Town, but it won't exactly involve Travis. Or at least, it won't involve Human Travis, that is.

According to some scoop from E! Online, Bobby's going to be in for some grand-pups this season.

Bobby is becoming a grandfather! OK, before you break out about Travis becoming a father and starting a family with Laurie (Crazier things have happened, people!), we should mention that Bobby isn't technically the biological grandfather as it's his dog that is welcoming some new puppies. Too bad another man is trying to sell Bobby's grandpups, so Ellie comes to the rescue.

What I want to know is, is anybody going to be keeping a Dog Trav puppy...?