Cougar Town Season 4 Spoilers: How Did Our Cul-de-Sac Crew Meet?

Cougar Town Season 4 Spoilers: How Did Our Cul-de-Sac Crew Meet?

Updated Spoilers! The Cougar Town panel at the TCAs revealed (via Danielle Turchiano) that the flashback this season will feature Jules' "hillbilly" accent and Bobby with a mullet!!

Jules (Courteney Cox) and the gang may be the best of buds now, but what was life like in the cul-de-sac before they all first met? When season 4 starts up in January, we'll be getting a special flashback moment showing us how Jules started her crazy, quirky "family" in the first place...and when Travis (Dan Byrd) first met Laurie (Busy Philipps)!

"It's a cul-de-sac flashback! Look for an episode later this season that takes us back a few years to show how Jules, Ellie, Andy et al became as close as they are -- and the first time Travis saw his as-yet unrequited love, Laurie."

What might lead Jules' Cul-de-Sac Crew to go down flashback road? Maybe it has a little something to do with her new married life with Grayson (Josh Hopkins)...will the dynamics of the group change at all?

"Season 4 will pick up just days after Jules and Grayson got hitched, and the newlyweds will have some very important business to attend to, like figuring out who holds the power in the relationship (aka who's the wine b----). However, while the dynamics may change for Jules and Grayson, things will stay relatively the same between Travis and Laurie, who is still with her long-distance Army beau when things pick up. So look for Travis to try to re-enter the dating pool."

Uh-oh. Now that Trav (not the dog) is dating again, when do you think we can expect the show to revisit his confessing his feelings for Laurie in the season 3 finale?

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