Cougar Town Season 4 Spoilers: Grayson Does Something "Un-Husbandly"

Cougar Town Season 4 Spoilers: Grayson Does Something "Un-Husbandly"

Now that Grayson (Josh Hopkins) is a married man, there are certain expectations that come with the territory. Especially inside Jules' (Courteney Cox) dreams.

Check out this latest scoop that you might have already heard:

"As previously scooped, much of the season premiere involves Grayson serving penance for something un-husbandly he did… in Jules’ dream."

Poor Grayson doesn't stand a chance, does he? But wait, there are more Cougar Town season 4 spoilers for you! See what's coming up for the Cul-de-Sac Crew this season, below:

  • "Elsewhere, we’ll learn that Andy took a sexual 'liberty' with an Ambien’d Ellie, Laurie finds outrageous new ways to illustrate just how dark black her boyfriend Wade is."
  • "Bobby schools us in the art of the dodge."
  • "There’s also a rather clever scene in which a Jules/Travis laundry hand-off plays out like an illicit money drop."

What "outrageous" lengths will Laurie go to prove her boyfriend, Wade is dark? (And what we really want to know - will Travis have anything to do with it?) And what exactly will be Grayson's penance for his "un-husbandly" deed done in Jules' dream?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts - and what you're looking forward to most this season on Cougar Town.

Source: TVLine