Cougar Town Season 4 Spoilers: A "Spicier" Season 4

Cougar Town Season 4 Spoilers: A "Spicier" Season 4

Film Equals recently interviewed Edwin Hodge, who we Cougar Town watchers know as Laurie's (Busy Philipps) new boyfriend, Wade - and while Edwin says that it's still the same old Cougar Town we know and love, season 4 will have a bit more of a bite to the series with its move to the TBS network.

"It will be a little more risque with [its] jokes…I can clearly tell the difference [of] what it was like to write for a network like ABC and how they’re writing for TBS, so the jokes hit a little bit harder. I’m in an interracial relationship with Busy Phillips’ character on the show, so we play up the racial jokes a little bit and the sexual [jokes], but it’s still the same, wholehearted cast…We’re just a little big more spicier (laughs).

I don’t think anything has changed about the show at all. Busy Phillips–she’s still got that quirky, crazy, weird character that she plays on the show and Courtney [Cox] and her [onscreen] relationship with Josh [Hopkins]…like I said, they’re staying true to what was originally laid out, the original blueprint of the show. It’s just…the jokes are a little bit funnier."

More racial jokes on Cougar Town? Whoever gave TBS that idea.... *smirks*

Are you excited that Cougar Town has more room to be funny this season, since switching over from ABC?