Cougar Town Season 4 Finale Spoiler: A Two-Part Episode That Includes a Funeral!

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March 15, 2013

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Say what you will about Cougar Town, but it’s definitely got some entertaining season finales. Between Travis running off to Hawaii, and Travis drunk-streaking-professing-his-love-to-Laurie…come to think of it, most CT season finales involve Trav (not Dog Trav) doing something embarrassing. Huh. Oh, and can’t forget Jules and Grayson’s wedding last season finale (you thought I forgot, didn’t you? I totally forgot…).

This season, apparently we can look forward to a funeral in the finale.

“…I can tell you the April 9 season finale will feature — shock! — a funeral. But this farewell is not the part of the two-part finale that will have you blubbering like a baby.”

Think the funeral is a family member of someone in the Cul-de-Sac Crew? (And if not the funeral, what do you expect is going to be so cry-worthy in this season’s finale of Cougar Town?)

Source: Entertainment Weekly