Cougar Town Season 4 Casting Spoiler: Tippi Hedren Guest Stars

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December 21, 2012

Jules may be the star of the show on Cougar Town, but in the new season airing on TBS in January, she’ll have an encounter with a real star. The real question is, will she be her usual, Jules-y self? (In other words, will “the guns” come out?)

“Following her hilarious turn on Raising Hope earlier this season, Tippi Hedren — the ageless star of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds — will swoop in to TBS’s Cougar Town. Hedren has signed on to play an iconic Hollywood legend, not unlike herself, who rubs elbows with Jules (Courteney Cox) and her father.”

What kind of trouble do you think Jules and her dad will get into with Tippi Hedren’s character – and will she also “rub elbows” with Barb? Hey, where there’s Jules….

Source: TV Guide