Will ABC Renew Cougar Town for Season 4? TBS May Pick Up If Canceled

Will ABC Renew Cougar Town for Season 4? TBS May Pick Up If Canceled

With a push-and-a-shove further and further toward the end of the TV season, Cougar Town's season 3 finally aired late in the game this spring, suffering a cut-back on episodes and having nothing but low ratings to show for it. Yep, things have been looking grim for our Cul-de-Sac Crew, but unlike the weather in CT's Florida, these darkened skies may be taking a turn for the better.

It's now being thrown out there that if ABC does end up canceling Cougar Town, cable network TBS could be waiting by the sidelines to snatch it up  for season 4- and Busy Philipps (Laurie Keller) would definitely be on board with that.

"It has not been fun to feel like the ugly stepsister of the network," Philipps told E! Online today at Paul Frank's Mommy & Me celebration at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "They moved us around, they took us off the air for months," she continued. "I do feel a little disappointed in how they've treated the show. If TBS is willing to launch the show in a real great way and we would actually have like billboards and commercials, that would be really cool. I feel like if it really happens it's kind of going to be like best case scenario for all of us," she said.

The Deadline updated as of this past Sunday that "the deal eyed by both sides is for season 4 and 5 pickup by TBS, 15 episodes each, which would allow for Cougar Town to be sold in syndication. Negotiations are progressing and if they come to fruition, an announcement could come as soon as early next week."

What do you think, would a move from broadcast to cable be worth a try for ABC's underdog, Cougar Town? Unless of course, that miracle happens and ABC keeps CT alive and kicking for at least season 4. Discuss in the comments!