Cougar Town Season 3 Spoilers on the Wedding, David Arquette Guesting, and the Season Premier!

You might have heard of a certain spoiler making the TV rounds that Jules and Grayson are finally tying the knot this short upcoming season of Cougar Town, but just how exactly will this proposal go down? Courteney Cox (Jules) told TV Guide all about it:

"[Jules is] asked at some point what her ideal scenario would be, and she says, "I have no idea"... then proceeds to rattle off everything she's ever wanted in an engagement. [Laughs] It's a really big moment for her because all of her wishes come true. At least Grayson's version of her dreams."

Naturally TV Guide compared this TV proposal of Courteney's to a past one of hers - Chandler's proposal to Monica on Friends. To which Josh Hopkins (Grayson) said,


Gosh. Get with it, Josh.

While we're on the subject of the big spoiler wedding, David Arquette will be making a special guest appearance that episode - as a concierge. Which episode? The season finale, as reported by TV Line.

But we've got to get to the season premier before we get to the season finale. And what luck, E! Online, who's screened the premier, has some little spoilers for us on just that:

Here are five small teases: green-screen shenanigans, an ankle monitor, a hammer-wielding baby devil, a new wine-drinking device and Grayson (Josh Hopkins) in a cop uniform. Yes, it's flawless.

Oh, and did you know that the only guest star bigger than David Arquette is...Michael Ausiello? Yep. See if you can guess which of these spoilers is about his upcoming guest stint on CT, via TV Line:

I can, however, tell you that before the episode is over Dan Byrd will get completely naked and yours truly will be playing a *a*****er.

And if you love our Cul-de-Sac Crew and sorta-spoilers as much as I do (including a maybe-wedding in "Napa"), you'll want to watch TV Line's Michael Ausiello's interview with the CT cast, below:

Hit the comments and talk about Cougar Town's upcoming season premier, the season finale, and what you're most excited to see on the show in season 3!