Cougar Town Season 3 Spoilers: Jules Finds Love, Bobby Finds Love, and Travis? He Finds a Helmet

Cougar Town Season 3 Spoilers: Jules Finds Love, Bobby Finds Love, and Travis? He Finds a Helmet

If you've been keeping up with Cougar Town, I'm sure you're no stranger to the ridiculous head of hair Dan Byrd developed last season and so passed on to his character on the show, Travis. But what you might not know is that the rest of the cast and crew wasn't as taken with the new 'do as Dan was. In fact, show creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Beigel have a little subtle revenge up their showrunner sleeves for this season:

The show’s creator Bill Lawrence found a way “to teach me a lesson to not have funky haircuts in the future,” says Dan Byrd. In an early episode, Travis gets “a skull fracture from being towed by a dog on a skateboard” and ends up in a helmet – for eight episodes! “You think it’s going to go away with each episode, but it doesn’t,” says Byrd with a smile. “It just comes back.”

Not only will Travis have a helmet stuck to his head this season, but something stuck to his face as well:

"Spoiler alert: I have an iPad taped to my face for a couple scenes," [Dan] says.

Talk about face time. That's not all CT has in store for Travis either, check out more spoilers for Trav (not the dog) and the rest of the Cul-de-Sac Crew below:

  • Jules and Grayson just got engaged in last night's season premier, and there will definitely be a wedding in the season 3 finale, but what's in store for our power couple until then? A young woman from Grayson's past shows up in his life with his child (Briga Heelan), but the fact that Jules and Grayson have to deal with the news isn't the only issue. Briga's character bears a striking resemblance to...:

    “You know [how] there’s Superman and there’s Bizarro Superman where one’s like a horrible version of Superman?” muses Biegel. “Imagine Bizarro Laurie showing up on the show.”

  • Poor JellyBean. Speaking of, while Jules and Grayson sure won't be playing the traditional sitcom "will they or won't they", Laurie and Travis just might be moving into this territory (we knew it was called Cougar Town for a reason!).

    "We deal with it a little bit early on this season," Busy Philipps (Laurie) says. "We have a nice storyline in one episode's not easy for Travis to be constantly put in this position by Laurie."

  • Looks like Travis will also be facing a little (in his head?) competition between him and Laurie's new Skype-bf, to be played by Edwin Hodge (The Mentalist, Private Practice).
  • Bobby has "infatuation at first sight" with a college professor of Travis', portrayed by Sarah Chalke (Scrubs), and gets the whole crew in on trying to win her affections.
  • And what of the devil child? Ellie and Andy's son, Stan is cruising the cul-de-sac with hammer in hand, and for some strangely dark reason it's pretty funny. So of course the writers are going to be carrying it through as a recurring "Chuckie" gag the whole season.

Leave a comment if you found yourself shielding your eyes from Dan's (Travis) haircut last season, too. Or you know, if you want to talk about anything Cougar Town-related.

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