Cougar Town Season 3 Episode 1 “Ain’t Love Strange” Guide

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February 3, 2012

Any Cougar Town episode featuring little Stan and Trav (Bobby’s dog) is an episode promising to be full of win. Especially when little Stan is turning into a “devil child” and triggers Ellie’s worst fears. Oh yeah, and Jules and Grayson are in here somewhere, too.

Read up on our guide for the season 3 premier episode of Cougar Town, “Ain’t Love Strange”:

  • Jules is miffed when Grayson (who has an ulterior motive) calls her “predictable”.
  • Ellie frets that little Stan is turning into a “devil child,” or even worse, could grow up to be like Laurie.
  • Travis likes his new off campus housing, until Bobby tries to convince him to take dog Travis in.

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