Cougar Town Season 3: Dan Byrd's Opinion on Name-Change, Plus Casting Spoilers

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It's been on the buzz that Cougar Town showrunner Bill Lawrence is once again seriously considering a name makeover to fit with the new direction of the show. While its fans seem to be warming up to the idea, Dan Byrd - who plays Jules' college-age son, Travis Cobb - isn't sure if its something the fanbase could ever really warm up to:

“This discussion just keeps coming up. The idea of changing the name of the series arose because many persons had dismissed the show due to its name Cougar Town but such persons did not take a closer look at the show to find out what it’s really about. Perhaps when the name is changed more viewers will chance upon the series and we will gain new fans that would have avoided us if the name had remained the same. However we have now aired two seasons with Cougar Town as its name. I believe there is no turning back at this point. Our name remains Cougar Town.”

Whether the show keeps its Cougar Town moniker or takes on a new alias for season 3, there will be some new guest stars to help ring in the new season. Check out my roundup of all the casting spoilers so far for upcoming Cougar Town episodes:

  • Susan Blakely has been cast as Ellie Torres' (Christa Miller) “upscale, attractive, patrician” of a mother Claire, who Ellie keeps insisting is a "horrible person".
  • Similar to the Baby Lilly situation on ABC's other comedy hit, Modern Family, Ellie and Andy's (Ian Gomez) Baby Stan will be portrayed by a different actor in an upgrade to Toddler Stan to give Ellie and Andy a little bit more real-life responsibility.

What's your opinion on the Cougar Town name change, think it should stay or be called something more all-ages TV-friendly like, Cul-de-Sac Crew? Which guest star are you most looking forward to mixing things up in "Cougar Town"? Discuss in the comments!

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