Cougar Town Season 3 Cut in Half and out of ABC Midseason Schedule

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Courteney Cox's quirky comedy series, Cougar Town might not be a part of the ABC midseason premieres, but lucky for us our Cul-de-Sac Crew's not getting canceled just yet. Although the show's season 3 is getting some trimmings unrelated to Thanksgiving dinner:

...ABC announced its midseason premiere dates with the Courteney Cox series notably absent from the list. Now comes word that the comedy’s episode order has been reduced from 22 to 15 half hours this season.

The cut from 22 episodes to just 15 is more than likely due to pushing the show's third season past the midseason, which now brings us to the likelihood that Cougar Town's season 3 premier won't be airing until spring (the rumor is March). Bill Lawrence has spoken out about the reschedule via Twitter, and while he's not exactly happy about it either, he reassures us that the show is not canceled and will be making its comeback soon (spring?).

What are your thoughts, think Cougar Town is safe or on the TV brink? Share in the comments!

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