Season 2 Spoilers: Trav Gets a Roommate!

And I'm not talking 'bout the dog. Yep, sounds like the Cougar Town plan this coming season is for Jules' little (college) boy to get a roommate. Check out the spoilers on that, and more, below:

Is Travis really going to go away to college on Cougar Town? — Joshua
MICKEY: He is, unless Jules shrinks him down so small that he can live inside her blood! Trav marks his first days as a college man similarly attached to his mama, much to the amusement of his roommate (producers are seeking a Quinton Aaron type), who bestows upon Trav a series of nicknames, each more humiliating than the last.

Question: I’m still really bummed about the Emmys snubbing Cougar Town—especially Busy Philipps for supporting actress! Can you give me some scoop to ease my pain? —Ed
This next piece of news should leave you feeling both happy and a little gay: Exec producer Bill Lawrence hints that Travis will make a gay friend in season 2. “One of the reasons Travis is going to college,” says Lawrence, “is to expand our world a little bit.” In possibly related news, Cougar Town is casting the role of Travis’ “enormous jock-y college roommate” named Kevin. Think Quinton Aaron from The Blind Side—only with better fashion sense. (That last part is purely speculative.)

In its second season, Cougar Town will be looking for a "name" actor to play a parent of Courteney Cox's Jules Cobb. And contrary to reports, Jennifer Aniston's cameo on the show may not happen. While creator Bill Lawrence would obviously love to broker a deal to nab one of the Friends, he acknowledges that Aniston is one of Hollywood's busiest and most in-demand stars.

Who else can't wait to get a load of Travis' college buddy? Taking casting guesses in the comments!

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