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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 4 "The Damage You've Done" Guide

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Jules finds out about Grayson and Laurie hooking up (*gasp*) on Wednesday's new Cougar Town! Check out these spoilers for episode 4 of season 2, "The Damage You've Done":

  • After zeroing in on Travis and Grayson in the past couple of episodes, now Jules is all confused as to who to target next with all of her attention. Except this time, it's angry-attention!
  • First she's unsure about him, then she's really into him...and now it seems Laurie's really crazy about Smith. So she decides to profess her love to him.
  • Bobby's obsessed with street performers swallowing swords (Bobby is always my highlight).
  • Travis is probably already a little unsure about Kylie, what with being separated by college and all. And now Andy's planting the seed of doubt in his mind about their relationship surviving.