Nia Vardalos Guest Spot Confirmed!

So Ian Gomez (Andy) has been hinting, entertainment sites have been hinting, sources have been hinting...and now we finally know for sure! Turns out My Big Fat Greek Wedding star, Nia Vardalos has in fact secured a guest spot on Cougar Town.

So, what sort of character will Nia, real-life wife to Ian Gomez, be playing? Apparently someone who's been crushing on Andy and thinks of him as "the one who got away". Yep. You can imagine how this is going to go over with Ellie. Vardalos' guest appearance is scheduled for an episode in April.

Here's what Nia herself had to say about shooting her episode: "We had an excellent time. I thought we were going to get fired every day for laughing." Oh, and she'd love to come back for more Cougar Town laughs. Just throwing that out there.

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Sources: Daemon's TV, TV Guide