Lisa Kudrow Guests in January

After next week's (Dec 9) new episode of Cougar Town, "Mystery Man", we have the Jan 6 episode to look forward to - where Courtney Cox gets a mini-reunion with former Friends co-star, Lisa Kudrow. Now, though, she's not so friendly anymore, as she plays a dermatologist that Jules can't stand. Here's more of a look at the process of Kudrow's (evil?) character from executive producer, Bill Lawrence:

“They didn’t want to play friends,” says executive producer Bill Lawrence, who quickly came up with a different role for Kudrow. “She plays a dermatologist who is a horrible, horrible person, but [Cox] goes to her because she’s the best. The [sight] of them playing people who dislike each other intensely was very funny for me to watch.”

Source: The Aussielo Files / Entertainment Weekly


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