Let's Play Interview Catch-Up w/ Busy Philipps, Josh Hopkins...& Ian Gomez

"It's funny how Cougar Town started as a show about a woman dating a younger man, and now it's kind of turning into an ensemble show about a bunch of friends and their misadventures."

- Ian Gomez, TVGuide

It's like he read my mind. Or I read his mind. Even though it's not what I expected from the show back when I first saw the trailer for Cougar Town, the great ensemble cast is what makes the show so...well, great. Or definitely just makes the show, period. And while Cougar Town might not be the next Friends, we can dream, can't we? Ian thinks so. Read what Ian Gomez has to say about the series' early renewal, what's coming up for Andy on the show, and more in his interview with TVGuide.

Though we're not going to let Andy hog all the spotlight, now are we? There's certainly more coming up for our other character favorites - like...Grayson and Laurie? Korbi Ghosh of Zap2It got the chance to interview her "favorite part of Cougar Town" (what a coincidence, mine too!) when she she sat down for a little chat with Busy Philipps (Laurie) and Josh Hopkins (Grayson) about the dynamic duo's recent hook-up. You can read the short article and watch the video interview here.

And I've got one last little fun tidbit for you - Busy Philipps makes cakes. Not just any cakes either, I'm talking about really cool cakes. See for yourself, as Busy shows her crafty side on the Bonnie Hunt Show: