Ken Jenkins to Cougar Town...!

Remember our little "Scrubs reunion" promised by Cougar Town boss-man, Bill Lawrence? Well, he wasn't kidding. Turns out Scrubs' Ken Jenkins (Dr. Kelso) is on his way to Cougar Town to play Jules' dad. Check it out:

The actor formerly known as Dr. Kelso has been tapped to play (and how perfect is this!) the father of Courteney Cox’s Jules. There are no story details yet and no air date, but obviously, it’ll be among the fall episodes. And it’s probably a safe bet that Pops will pass through Town to weigh in on his little girl’s big romance with her neighbor, Grayson (Josh Hopkins).

Either that or he'll be disappointed she didn't end up snagging some young stud. I can totally imagine Travis shaking his head right now.

Source: Entertainment Weekly