Interview with the Man Behind Andy: Ian Gomez

The series wouldn't be Cougar Town without the ladies, but we get a lot of good laughs out of the guys too. Especially in this week's episode, "Mystery Man", when Andy finally got Stan-privileges and thought he could dodge the Ellie-monster while having some fun guy-time with Stan. And by fun guy-time we mean harmless play-pens and rope-leashes. But that's Andy for you.

Speaking of Andy, here's an interview with the man behind Andy Torres, Ian Gomez, as he tells us about his manly yet feminine character. And about Andy's little bit of a "man-crush" on best buddy Bobby. Strange, Brian Van Holt (Bobby Cobb) said the same thing in his interview about Bobby's relationship to Grayson. Guys and their man-crushes.

Source: The Entertainment Hotline