Holiday Trouble In Store For Grayson and Travis

So we can all agree that Jules can get pretty scary at times, right? Well this holiday season she's not the female getting scary (or at least not the only female getting scary). Check out the Grayson and Travis scoop for some upcoming Cougar Towns:

  • Just before the holidays, devious Ellie digs up an old tape of Grayson in a childhood pageant. There's also a casting call for a 12-year-old "flashback" Grayson competing in a...talent show. And it's not strumming guitar, neither (tap-dancing, *cough*cough). Guessing these two tips are probably for the same ep?
  • And good little Travis is in for a rude awakening if he thinks he and Laurie can still do their innocent thing as long as Trav's new girlfriend, Kristen Kirsten is around and has something to say about it (jealousy strikes! Travis-Laurie fans rejoice with me).

Source: Fancast, TV Guide