Guest Star Spoilers: Grayson's Getting a Girlfriend...Guess Who?

No, it's not Jules. Or Laurie. Although at first I thought the latter would be cute, except now I can't get the image of Laurie and Travis hiding together in Dale's closet out of my head. Now there's an idea: Cougar Laurie!

You're probably thinking, Oh no, here she goes again talking about Cougar Ville relationships. Typical female. Let's get on to something more exciting, like...prowling cougar Barb, or...Bobby's boat. But as much as I'm into Bobby's humble abode Jealous Much, Cougar Ville Cougar Town is all about relationships. And whether or not we should be focusing so much on the who's with who, this time it matters. Well, at least to us. And to Grayson.

Because guess who's getting a girlfriend? While I'm sure that sounds like a strange plot twist (plot twist?) for Jules' newly-divorced man counterpart, at least we get the spoiler satisfaction from Michael Auseillo of knowing who's to come - Sheryl Crow:

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the Grammy winning singer-songwriter is set to appear in multiple episodes of the freshman ABC comedy as Grayson’s (Josh Hopkins) new girlfriend.

No further information was available about her character, although I’m told the 47-year-old will not be playing herself.

Good to know. Good to know.

What do you all think? Girlfriend for Grayson, or do any of you have other plans for Jules' paper buddy?

Source: Entertainment Weekly