Cougar Town Goes on Tour! Season 3 Viewing Parties Scheduled

Cougar Town's abnormally long hiatus hasn't gone unnoticed by fans, or the cast and crew. ABC may have pushed its season 3 until spring, but that hasn't stopped the CT cast and crew from bringing it to their fans.

Creator/executive producer Bill Lawrence recently announced via his Twitter that he and Kevin Biegel (now co-creator) will be setting up a "tour" for the show, where fans can see season 3 before it hits TV:

"These are not ABC events," Lawrence tweeted Monday. "They're 'Bill and Kevin are idiot'' events."

Ha. The hosted viewing parties set for December 27 have already sold out, but December 23 (this Friday) Bill will be announcing some January dates in additional locations as well!

Lawrence says a cast member and a writer for "Cougar Town" will be present at each event, where fans will get to see new episodes, win show-related swag and possibly take part in a Penny Can tournament.

This is sounding pretty sweet. What do you think of this new marketing move Bill has up his sleeve for the show?

Sources: Huffington Post, Zap2It