Full Season Pick-Up of...Not a Romantic Sitcom

Just when we thought we were getting a fun-loving comedy about a cougar, namely one cougar, hunting down younger men and chasing after her roaring twenties, they had to go and wreck it with romance. What's up with that, ABC? We thought we had a deal, here.  Fun-loving, witty comedy, not some cliché romantic sitcom. In the words of Bobby (no, not that Bobby):

Is Cougar Town going to turn into a romantic sitcom? I hope not! — Bobby D.
MICKEY: I'm guessing you saw the Thanksgiving episode, in which everyone but the turkey revealed feelings for Jules. Executive producer Bill Lawrence tells me that he likes when shows get "really messy," but promises that Cougar Town won't play the "will-they-or-won't-they?" game.

I happen to actually love those cliché romantic sitcoms (or any sitcom, for that matter), but I can see why Bobby would be worried. I think my head might start to explode if they stretched out the Thanskgiving episode into the rest of the season (not to mention the rest of the series).

Speaking of the rest of the series, ABC has confirmed its episode orders for 2009/2010, and Cougar Town is a go for the standard full-season 22-episode pick-up. Looks like Cougar Town has made its mark and is here to stay on the ABC map.

Sources: TV Guide, The Futon Critic